Common Posture Problems

Forward Head Posture

It has been found that a child is more likely to experience Forward Head Posture while wearing a loaded backpack (20).

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Slouch (increased Kyphosis)

It has been reported that adolescent football players have a greater likelihood to experience upper back postural issues, such as kyphosis (the technical term for a problem like Slouching)

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Uneven Hips

It is also not uncommon to see children carrying school backpacks on one shoulder rather than using both shoulder straps for even support.  This uneven weight distribution across the child’s shoulders and back can cause a postural compensation and result in uneven hips

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In severe cases, long term bad posture can lead to Scoliosis, a condition that results in the spine twisting from side to side, instead of running in a straight line from top to bottom.  Depending on the severity, scoliosis of the spine can have a detrimental impact on vital organs, such as your heart, liver and kidneys.

Correcting posture problems