What to Do Next

1.  Start by assessing your own posture.

Our self-assessment can get you an indication of postural issues you or your family may be experiencing.

2.  Make an appointment with your local UCA chiropractor

There is no substitute for having a spinal expert assess your posture.  Chiropractors are five-year university trained professionals and chiropractic care is safe. (44, 45)   Being spinal experts, chiropractors are best placed to assess your spinal health and provide the appropriate care to improve and maintain it.  Chiropractic is perfectly placed to help children of our communities to learn more about health and the many ways they can take responsibility for their own health and make better choices for themselves and their families.

3.  Commit 3 minutes a day to improving your posture.

Just 3 minutes a day dedicated to exercises to improve your posture can make a tremendous impact on your long term health. 

Regular exercise should form part of every child’s life

Encouraging children to perform regular activity from any early age will help build a habit benefiting postural muscles as well as fitness levels.  Research shows that concentration levels and learning ability are improved with regular exercises that focus on posture and coordination (47)

Be Smart, Eat Smart


Courtesy of Chiropractor's Association of Australia - www.whatsyourposture.com.au