Comfy Shoes & A Sense of Adventure

Get together with like-minded friends, colleagues and friends and start walking, all you need is some comfy shoes and a sense of adventure. 

Great walking ideas:

Seasonal Walks - The National Trust has many great walks suited to the different seasons.

In Search of Shakespeare – Whether you want to retrace the steps of Robert Burns, take a leisurely stroll around Jane Austen’s Bath or see where Shakespeare drew inspiration, most parts of Britain offer walks with a cultural twist.

Seaside Strolls – Many people flock to our coastline for the beautiful sandy beaches and sheltered bays, but if you look a little closer there is often much more to see than just sea and sand.  The UK has around 7,700 miles of stunning coastline, so wrap up warm and get windswept on a coastal walk.

Woodland walks – There are over 600 free walks listed in this scheme.

Walking Holidays – Walking trails and paths may take your fancy, but urban walking in towns and cities can be just as much fun.  There are numerous websites that can tailor a walking holiday to suit you.

In the City – City living offers a wealth of walking opportunities.  The pleasures of urban walking are inevitably different from those of rural walking; you’ll find plenty of features of historical interests, refreshments and other facilities.

Walk to the Pub -  There are plenty of walks that take in pubs everywhere from Lancashire to London and many will serve fantastic homecooked food as well.


Walking is man's best medicine