Keep Walking With Us

Walking is something that can easily be built into daily routines, whatever, your age or level of fitness.  Walking just 30 minutes a day can help you to maintain and improve your health, and it’s free.

It can be challenging to break the habits that might currently be a barrier to you introducing regular walking into your lifestyle.  Start slowly and try to build a walking regime gradually.  To get the best health benefits from walking it needs to be of moderate-intensity aerobic activity (faster than a stroll) – one way to tell is that you’ll be able to talk, but not sing the words to your favourite song.

The easiest way to walk more is to make walking a habit!


  • Use the stairs, not the elevator at work
  • Get off the bus a couple of stops early or park the car a distance from your office and complete the journey to work on foot
  • Walk to the shops and carry your shopping home.
  • Walk the kids to school instead of driving
  • Make an exercise playlist to listen to on your walk
  • Using a pedometer can make tracking your walking easy and fun.  (Try to walk 10,000 steps a day)
  • Walk with families and friends

Begin every walk slowly and gradually increase your pace.  Towards the end of your walk gradually slow down your pace to cool down, and finish off with a few gentle stretches that will help to improve your flexibility.

Add an incentive to your exercise by taking in an urban stroll that takes in interesting architecture or a countryside ramble with a refreshing drink or a pot of tea at the end.

All you need are comfy shoes and sense of adventure!

Comfy Shoes & a Sense of Adventure