Walk This Way

It’s healthy exercise and it’s free!

We all know that walking is good for us.  Studies show it can do everything from reducing waistlines, boosting memories, reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer, as well as helping you to deal better with anxiety and stress.  Walking is also a great opportunity to enjoy time with friends and family, learn more about your local area and even look after the environment.

So it makes sense to try and walk as much as possible; pull on your walking shoes and see the UK at its glorious best.

Walking and Posture

Walking strengthens your body and helps position the spine in the natural shape is was designed for – being upright.  Unfortunately modern lifestyles have led to an increase in poor posture issues, which effect balance and coordination as a result of the extended use computers and mobile devices.  Regular walking will help to build up core strength which is very important in maintaining good posture.

Good posture permits you to breathe better and as a result reduces fatigue and minimises other side effects associated with bad posture.

Proper posture keeps muscles, ligaments, bones and internal organs in their natural position.  This reduces wear and tear of joints and relieves stress, improving health and enhancing your appearance.

Keep walking with us