What's Right For Me?

Many people drop physical exercise from their routine due to boredom and lack of interest – if it is not fun then it is very difficult to keep motivated.  Today there are a number of different sports and activities available to suit all ages and personalities, from older adults to busy mums. 

Below are ideas on how to include physical activity into your lifestyle:

Office workers

  • Walk/Cycle/Run to work
  • Park your car further away from the office and walk further
  • Take the stairs rather than the lift
  • Exercise before/after work or during your lunch break


Busy Mums

  • Walk or cycle with your children to school
  • Make time for physical activity
  • Join or start a mums running/netball club (it will also be fun and sociable)
  • Use exercise DVDs if you find you don’t have the time to take a class at the gym
  • Find activities that you can do with your children – swimming/playing in the park
  • Exercise in your lunch break



  • Join an after school club – they are normally free and fun
  • Walk or Cycle to school
  • Take the dog for a walk if you have one
  • Arrange with your friends to play a team sport in the local park or sports centre
  • Join a running club, football team, dance class etc depending on your interests
  • Help with household chores – cut the grass, wash the car or volunteer to do the shopping and walk home carrying it.


Older People

  • Fast walking is the easiest way to increase your activity levels – join a walking club where you will also meet new friends
  • Swimming – check out your local pool they will probably have a senior swim spot or adults only.
  • Get an allotment – gardening can provide and excellent workout with all the pushing, bending, squatting and carrying involved.
  • Join a yoga/pilates class
  • Play with your grandchildren in the park or garden
  • Dance classes – rekindle a burning desire to be the next Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers.  Dance classes are very popular and are there is probably one run very near you.



  • If parents are physically active their children are more likely to be active too
  • Organise family days out – walking, surfing, swimming, cycling etc many are free and take a healthy picnic with you
  • Cycle/walk to the shops
  • Instead of booking a holiday on the beach, be different this year and organise a family activity holiday
  • Wash the car together
  • Encourage your children to go out to the park instead of watching TV or playing game consoles.

Participating in more than one activity or sport helps to use different skills and avoid injury.  Never exercise through pain.  If you have an injury or would like further advice on different exercises programmes that would be best suited to you,  consult your local UCA Chiropractor.

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