There is a growing body of scientific evidence that shows our lifestyles play a huge part in how healthy we are.  From what we eat and drink, to how much exercise we take, and whether we smoke or take drugs. A healthy lifestyle improves your fitness,  increases your energy and reduces your risk of developing chronic lifestyle diseases.

Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle

Whatever your age, fitness level or body shape, it’s never too late to start thinking about healthy living. Learning to live a healthier lifestyle is easy when you change one small thing at a time.

Healthy Eating  The right Diet & Nutrition is necessary to live a healthy lifestyle.  Not only will a healthy diet help with weight management, it will also improve your health and quality of life.

Physical Exercise  Physical activity is any body movement that works your muscles and requires more energy than resting. Walking, running, dancing, swimming, yoga, and gardening are a few fun examples of physical activity.  Physical Exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.

Stress Management – Emotional stress is directly responsible for many illnesses, and indirectly has a role in promoting the majority all illness. People are more likely to smoke, overeat, drink too much, work too hard, and argue with others when they are feeling stressed. Stress management is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

Chemical Intake - It takes motivation to change/stop  bad habits.  Stopping smoking and reducing alcohol intake will have a positive effect on your health and lifestyle.

Rest - Your body needs adequate sleep to repair and recharge itself. Experts recommend an average of about 7 - 8 hours sleep a night. Too little sleep can affect your mood, your work, how you feel, and your healthy life.

Life Balance – The need to balance work, and family with all other areas of your life is important to achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Tips for a healthy lifestyle