Everyone experiences stress on a daily basis due to the modern world that we live in and the increase in demand for our time and attention.  Stress, in its negative sense can be defined as an imbalance of bodily system(s) due to excessive stimulus that upset normal functioning and disturbs mental or physical health.

The three basic sources of Stress are:

Environmental Stress - includes noise, weather, physical threats, time pressures and performance standards.

Body Stress - includes disease processes, organ malfunction, poor nutrition, poor sleep, spinal dysfunction and physical injury.

Emotional Stress – is difficult to define.  It encompasses our reactions to environmental and physical stressors in thought and emotion.   Even positive experiences like a new marriage or job can provoke stress.

The most common symptoms of stress include headache, backache, fatigue as well as cardiovascular disorders (high blood pressure) digestive problems and sleeping difficulties.

Stress Tips