Common Posture Problems

Uneven Hips

Activities such as twisting to lift children out of cars and frequent carrying of babies or young children on the hips, can cause your hips and shoulders to become uneven.

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Forward Head Posture

As a woman’s body adapts to her changing weight and shape during pregnancy, the spine and pelvis realign to serve as a counter-balance (7).  One of the issues that can arise from this is Forward Head Posture (FHP)

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Dowager’s Hump (or increased kyphosis)

Dowager’s hump (or increased kyphosis) is another postural issue that can occur during pregnancy.  It is a condition that increases the natural curve of the upper back.

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Pelvis Forward

The increased weight from carrying a child can pull your pelvis forward, increasing the curve to your lower back (or increased lordosis)

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In severe cases, long term bad posture can lead to Scoliosis, a condition that results in the spine twisting from side to side, instead of running in a straight line from top to bottom.  Depending on the severity, scoliosis of the spine can have a detrimental impact on vital organs, such as your heart, liver and kidneys.

Correcting posture problems


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