At The Office

Our backs were not designed to spend long periods of time sitting at desks – a common feature of many work environments.

Spending six to eight hours a day in front of a computer can lead to shoulder, arm, hand and neck problems, as well as issues with balance and coordination.

One study has found that over 45% of office workers experience neck pain (7). 

Low back pain is one of the most common causes of disability among people of working age and it impact on the industry is enormous. The Chartered Institute of Personal Development reports that absenteeism costs UK companies £600 per employee per year. Musculoskeletal Injuries, Back pain and Stress appear in the top 5 most common causes for short and long term absence and are key contributors to this cost. (8)

Specifically, the work related physical activities that are believed to be related to the onset of low back symptoms include lifting heavy weights, bending and twisting, and of course working in the same position for extended periods. (9)

Common Posture Problems


Courtesy of Chiropractor's Association of Australia -