Common Posture Problems

Dowagers Hump (increased kyphosis)

In older people, it has been found that the greater the postural issue of Dowager’s Hump (or kyphosis) the greater the odds of experiencing difficulties in activities such as bending, walking or climbing (15)

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Round Shoulders

Hunched over a garden weeding or planting can result in the condition commonly referred to as Round Shoulders, which is distinguished by the hunched over appearance it creates.

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Uneven or Rotated Hips

Twisting to shift dirt from a wheelbarrow to a garden, or to pull out and pile up weeds can led to issues with uneven or rotated hips.

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In severe cases, long term bad posture can lead to Scoliosis, a condition that results in the spine twisting from side to side, instead of running in a straight line from top to bottom.  Depending in the severity, Scoliosis of the spine can have a detrimental impact on vital organs, such as your heart, liver and kidneys.

Correcting posture problems


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