Correcting Posture

The good news is that postural issues can be corrected, and even, in some instances reversed. (39, 40)

In the first instance give your posture a sporting chance.  By preparing before you enter the garden and having a few simple rules in mind, you can minimise your chance of experiencing some of these common afflictions.  Our Gardening Tips offer a guide to ‘Plant & Rake, without the Ache’.

And aside from using the correct posture and tools, take frequent breaks and walk around and stretch, as staying in the same position for too long can contribute to a sore back later that night or the next morning (16).  Back or muscle pain that lasts longer than 48 hours is your body’s way of saying it needs help.

Your local UCA chiropractor can assess your spinal health and provide the Chiropractic care needed to improve it.

Your Chiropractor can also provide guidance on some exercises that, when done regularly, will help to strengthen your muscles and maintain improved posture.

Plant & Rake Without The Ache!


Courtesy of Chiropractor's Association of Australia -