Gardening isn’t exactly an extreme sport, but while you might not need a helmet to participate, you can take steps to avoid injury from maintaining improper posture.

Bending over seeding, weeding and watering, the hours can quickly slip by.  Then there are activities like digging, carrying buckets, pushing wheelbarrows and lifting.  Done the wrong way, these activities can place strain and stress on our backs, particularly when our bodies are held in unsound positions over a sustained period of time .

It is easy to understand how back pain can arise from our pursuits in the garden if we don’t undertake these activities in the right way.  And not surprising that in general, about 80% of people experience low back pain at some stage in their lives (13)

Any infrequent activity – whether you’re an avid gardener or a weekend warrior on the sports field should be prefaced by a few minutes preparing yourself both physically and mentally

Common posture problems


Courtesy of Chiropractor's Association of Australia - www.whatsyourposture.com.au