Plant & Rake Without The Ache!

Bend your knees to lift with ease

Shovel, lift, plant, rake, you can do without the ache if you learn how to lift correctly.  Here are some top tips for lifting with care, without hurting your back:

Get Close to the Load: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, head up, feet and body pointing in the same direction.  Pivot with your feet... don’t twist your body whilst carrying the load.

Knees Bent, Back Straight: Check the weight of what you are lifting.  Use your leg and arm muscles to smoothly and slowly lift.

Easy Does It: Bend your knees and slowly lower the load to its intended place.  Do not lift heavy objects above your waist.  Avoid heavy lifting immediately after prolonged bending or kneeling.

Lifting Above Your Waist: Many hands make work.  Literally!  So get some help with the heavy and awkward loads.  Stand on something solid.  Slowly lift the load, keeping it close to your body and pass the load to your helper.

The Right Moves