The Right Tools

Choose tools that are ergonomically designed, are the correct tool for the job, have padded handles and spring action.

Here’s a few more tips:


  • A hose is easier to manage than a watering can.
  • A good wheelbarrow makes moving heavier loads a breeze.
  • Separate a larger load into several small ones.
  • Wear comfortable, thick soled, supportive shoes.
  • Use ergonomically designed, long handled, light weight tools.

Stretch Before You Start

Dig. Lift. Reach. Bend

You could be burning up to 300 calories an hour so limber up first.  Your joints, muscles and back will thank you!

Stretch each of these body parts 5 times, holding each stretch for 15 seconds. Don’t bounce, jerk or strain, it should be a gentle stretch, not a painful one.

Stretch your: Thighs, Sides, Arms & Wrists, Shoulders, Hamstrings & Back

A healthy Spine will make you Shine